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Here at Luck Ecosystems we’re dedicated to providing the support you need to ensure project success. We’ve organized the following materials and information to help you choose the right products for your specific environmental or sports-related application needs.


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Q. How much material do I need?

A. Volumetric calculations are standard length/ width/depth measurements. We will happily help anyone with the ‘math’ involved, as long as we have the proper measurements.

Q. Why don’t you sell your material by the cubic yard, like everybody else does?

A. Luck products and materials for sale to our customers have been weighed as a standard of our company and industry for 91 years. Weight measurements are statistically much more accurate than volumetric guesses. We know the bulk densities of all our materials, so, if conversion to cubic yards is required for comparison, we can easily do this for any customer.

Q. When you say your material is ‘clean’, what does that mean?

A. Our Luck Ecosystem soil and sand products are typically screened at either 6mm or 3.75 mm. There are no rocks, sticks, twigs, or other debris in our materials unless they pass through these size screens. 6mm equates to about ¼ inch. 3.75 mm equates to about 1/8 inch. Additionally our soil products are periodically tested for physical, chemical, and biological consistency.

Q. When you say your material is frequently tested by third party lab partners, what does that mean?

A. Every 500-700 tons of product we ship, regarding each of our produced materials, we collect samples and send to independent professional, certified labs, outside of the Luck Central Internal Lab. The independent labs we use are varied. We typically have these Labs perform chemical, (pH) nutrient, (macro nutrients, CEC, Base saturation) and biological (Organic Matter) testing on all samples provided.

Q. What makes your soil better than a local source I can get? Isn’t all dirt the same?

A. Our base material used in the majority of our soil, sand and custom blends is derived from a former agricultural open pasture site in Greene County, VA. There has never been heavy industry, military, or other types of pollution introduced to this ecosystem, prior to our soil mining operations, which began in 1985. Additionally, please refer to the answers to FAQ 3 & 4.

Q. Is your material certified? How do I know it will function as I hope it will?

A. Our Premium Topsoil is certified with the Virginia Department of Agricultural & Consumer Services, (VDACS) as a ‘Horticultural Growing Media’. We attained this registry and certification on this material in 2005, and have held this label for the past decade. This material’s registry positions our Premium Topsoil as having undergone rigorous testing, (outlined in FAQ #4) and remaining consistent over time, to known nutrient levels. Additionally, we have been selling our soils materials for over 20 years. We have an abundance of repeat customers, and we will freely provide customer testimonials upon request.

Q. Do you offer a warranty on any of your soil materials?

A. No. However, if a customer has a reasonable complaint around performance and expectations of our soils and sands products, and, the lack of performance and expectation is clearly and easily justified, we will most assuredly work with this customer to make sure they get to a place, where they are satisfied. Our company has been in business for 91 years. Our heartfelt desire is to be inspired by the customer. We tend to listen very carefully to customer feedback.

Q. What does shipping material by the bulk load…mean?

A. As a standard practice, when asked to deliver our material to customer job sites and locations, we ship the desired material in approximately 25 ton increments, on the back of a dump trailer or standard single body dump truck. You may certainly arrange for your own transport of our products.

Q. Do you have any locations close by my residence, where I can get a pick-up truck load of your material?

A. Currently, we blend and produce our material in one location. Greene County, Ruckersville, VA. We hope to increase our blending sites and locations in the near future.

Q. What does FOB mean?

A. Freight on Board. When we quote a product price on any of our materials, this price includes getting it safely loaded onto a truck or certified delivery vehicle.

Q. If I want to personally speak to a sales person, who should I call?

A. Our order and dispatch personnel are available 7 am- 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday, Toll Free 1-877-904-5825. Additionally, please visit on ‘Contact Us’ page above, for direct mobile numbers of all our sales representatives.

Q. If I have a really special blend of material that I want for my location/ residence, or business, will you blend it for me?

A. This is a core part of our business. Yes, we want to openly discuss your desires married with our experiences, and blend your soil media dreams.

Q. What is the minimum amount of material you will specially blend for me?

A. This depends. Typically for us to make ‘business’ sense of a custom soil run, we require a minimum 75-100 tons of material. However, this is negotiable. Please call us and we’re happy to discuss.

Q. How long does it take for you to ship material I have ordered, to my destination?

A. Obviously this depends largely on where your destination is located. Realistically, if you’re asking material to be delivered anywhere in the mid-Atlantic, and/or states contingent to Virginia, including Virginia, we can place up to 250 tons within 48 hours of your order.

Q. Will you install the material you ship to me?

A. Our core business proficiencies are centered on producing and delivering quality soils and sands to locations where our customers desire. We do not install, however, we work with many industry leading contractors. We will be happy to offer multiple quality contractor recommendations and contact information, based on your needs.

Q. Do you produce any topsoil that is suitable for a homeowner’s lawn?

FAQ #6! If you have any further questions, please contact a sales representative located in the ‘Contact Us’ section of this web site.

Q. Is all topsoil the same? Why is your dirt better than the foundation material they extracted, when they built my house?

A. Your foundation soil material may have good soil qualities. You cannot know this by looking at it, or, by having a home contractor tell you it is. You will only know this by providing a soil sample to a qualified soil testing lab, and getting a test report. FAQ #6…Our Premium Topsoil is balanced physically, chemically, nutritionally, and biologically. We are neurotic about our testing regiment, and can verify the demonstrated worth and wealth of our product to build and construct home lawns.

Q. Do Bio-retention ponds really need to be maintained?

A. Yes. Yes. Without question, yes. There are many instances where owners of these systems have allowed weed encroachment to the point of choking off permeability. Weeds should be tended to, as in any garden situation for superior performance.

Q. Do Bio Soils really help keep pollutants out of the Bay? How?

A. As nitrates in solution, and/or, phosphates travelling in and on sediment are introduced into a biofiltration system, they begin their journey down through the bio soil profile. Some pollutants are captured regarding the physical characteristics of soil, by allowing bridging to occur, trapping pollutants throughout the micro and macro pores. The majority of pollutants are captured chemically by negatively and positively charged ions, which hold up and bind these elements to the soil colloid. In a relatively short period of time, (days and sometimes hours) soil biology takes over, as microbial critters attack and consume all sorts of introduced pollutants- nitrates and phosphate included. Over a longer period of time, these pollutants are excreted into the soil profile as digested soil humus.

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